LED Module, PCA2400 series Includes:
Teledyne "Alphabeam" LED landing/taxi light technology
LED Nav light incorporates position / anti-collision
Built-in power supply makes electrical installation simple
Easy on power…..each module consumes only 50 watts!!
Never replace a bulb again!!

Kits for Sale


Easily installed in wingtips for RV 4,6,6A,7,7A,8,8A aircraft
Modules available for old style(W-715) and new style (W-715-1)

Step by step instructions with photos make easy installation

Kit Includes left and right module Price/kit
PCA2300-10* Standard Module, Old style tip P/N W-715 $1249.00
PCA2300-10-1* Standard Module, New style tip P/N W-715-1 $1249.00
PCA2400-10 LED Module, Old Style tip P/N W-715 $1885.00
PCA2400-10-1 LED Module, New Style tip P/N W-715-1 $1885.00

*Includes a GE 4509 Incandescent landing light

Module #

If you would like us to install the modules in your tips we offer the following:
Send us your tips and we will modify them with the module of your choice for a cost of $200/ kit.
We will order the tips from the manufacturer install the modules and ship them direct to you for a cost of $200/kit.*
*Does not include the cost of the wing tips and shipping.

Provide us with a paint code/brand and we will even get them painted for you! Please click here for the paint shop.